Enterprise Collaboration

A collaboration system for a company which can be used in different ways:

  • Virtual conferences
  • Messaging
  • Data exchange

Enterprise collaboration platforms and vendors abound. Many of these providers offer their application only in the cloud or then with a decimated feature set for on-premise scenarios. But even there, the source code is mostly unavailable and the company has to enter into a greater lock-in.

Functional requirements for the system

Can be integrated into existing systems

Easily expandable

Documented interfaces

Feature Request capabilities


Access to source code


Development time until first release
New technologies
Enterprise Support & SLA
Integration into existing systems

Possible solutions

Use a cloud solution, e.g. Microsoft Teams, and have it operated by a third-party provider

Third party provider/operator has access to information


Integrations or extensions often mean higher license costs

Initial outlay and operation should not be underestimated

Deploy On-Premise product

Influence on features mostly small

High infrastructure costs

Build a system that is based on a sound platform that can be easily integrated into the surrounding systems of a complex environment.


A solution can be that the company itself, or together with us, develops an application tailored to their needs, based on kaila. kaila offers the basics to develop an individual, extensive and secure communication platform. kaila was built securely from the beginning (privacy/security by design). In addition, kaila is easily extensible, e.g. an already existing signaling can be used and it is not necessary to have a MQTT broker.

  • No dependency on another company or lock-in
  • The data always belongs to the company or the user.
  • Only minimal infrastructure necessary
  • Easy to expand and integrate
  • No "out of the box" application

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